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About the Firm

Client-focused drafting

Our clients' needs drive everything we do whether we provide full scope representation through Malissa Church Law, LLC or limited scope representation through LegalLight.

We believe:

  • High-quality estate planning documents for simple estates can be written in clear, easily understood language and provided at an affordable price.
  • All estate planning documents should be written in common English and not in Legalese.
  • You are investing time and money in the estate planning process so your end product – the documents – should reflect your wishes in a clear and concise manner.
  • Wills, Powers of Attorney and Living Wills are among the most important legal documents in our lives. They can also be the most frightening because they force us to face our individual mortality.
  • Because of this, we intend to draft them so clients can understand them without the benefit of a legal interpreter. Clients should be able to pick up these documents and easily read and know their desires and last wishes are clearly, directly, and accurately reflected in the documents.


Estate Planning

Depending on your specific needs, we offer two different estate planning options.

Basic Services - LegalLight

If you want a simple, basic Will; Power of Attorney; and Living Will, the limited scope services offered by LegalLight should meet your needs.

LegalLight offers representation for the purpose of preparing these basic estate planning documents. All services are offered with a fixed fee per document and are competitive with other on-line services. However, with LegalLight, you will get individualized attention and the focus of a South Carolina lawyer.

More Advanced Services – Malissa Church Law, LLC

If you would like a Will plus other instruments, such as trusts, your needs would be best met through the full-scope, comprehensive representation services through Malissa Church Law, LLC. Even with full-scope representation, the pricing remains competitive and could involve fixed fee or hourly billing, depending on your specific needs.

Incapacity Planning

Planning on Medicaid spend-down and other legal issues related to planning for incapacity are also offered through the firm. Guidance through the process to protect your loved ones as they deal with dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and all other neurological issues can be provided. If your individual circumstances require more attention due to these legal issues, plans for these issues should be incorporated with your overall estate plan. Our attorneys will customize your services and documents to ensure this.

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